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Bailey Kalesti


Hello! Below you will find a wide range of examples of my professional and personal work over the past few years. I look forward to speaking further! My email is:


UI Design
Fantasy UI designs for both games and integrated live-action plates.

Film Editing
I spent weeks of personal time on each of these. My work here is just the editing.

Some silly, choreographed videos I made for fun.

Animated video for a release of the 3D printing software MatterControl.

You can learn more about my process for this video HERE.


The Home Selling Process
Animated video for one of the top real estage agents in Irvine, CA.

3D Printing: Making a Better Future
Animated video describing what 3D printing is all about.

You can learn more about my process for this video HERE.


Animated, narrative short. Below are some development images.

Behind the Cinematic
Design, UX, Web Coding, Writing, and Interviewing.

Weekly Video Tutorials & Essays
Writing, Narration, Editing