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Home Sweet Home

Bailey Kalesti

Hokey smokes, what a week this was. I didn't see very much daylight, as I was glued to my computer, cranking out animations and baby-sitting renders. In fairness, I still got enough rest each night (I do keep 20-mile marching in mind), but the last week of any big project is usually a push to get every last detail in.

So, what can I show? How 'bout this for now...

A section of a finished frame.

A section of a finished frame.

This movie is all about real estate, so it takes place in and around a home. Ooh look, complexity!:

I modeled and modeled and modeled...

Soon the video will release, and I'll post some more in-depth stuff about how it was made too. This one was a doozy for me, and involved a ton of work.