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Bailey Kalesti

Ever wanted to know about the process behind making art and film? Well, now you can. Introducing LEARN, a new place at Forma Pictures where I discuss the inner workings of the craft from a no nonsense point of view. I've always hated "trade secrets" so I decided to start sharing what I can. I only have one resource to start, but the library will steadily increase. And if you have any suggestions, you can submit them for review.

Here's a quick 2-second boot-up animation I made for the MatterControl tablet, released by MatterHackers this week:

Next week:

  • Another cube dancing video, with a retro/nostalgic bent...if you were a child of the 80s/90s.
  • Animated music video (2 months in the making).
  • Some recent print work that I've done.