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Mountain Love

Bailey Kalesti

Happy Tuesday! Concept:



If you follow the main blog, you'll know that I've been making daily sketches. I've actually been using them as a way to subtly test ideas and technical approaches for Hunted. I don't know why, but I've been on a massive atmospheric perspective kick. Stylized distance indications, simple shapes, textured planes, and triad color palettes make me unusually happy. So, expect to see more of my attempts at those things.

I'm not much of a character artist, so I tend to stay away from that. But I do enjoy environments, even though I suck at them. That's why the film features the setting as heavily as it does. That's also why most of the concept art is of mountains, flora and buildings. Below is one of the many reference pictures I took in the Rockies a few months back. The day was coming to an end and a storm was brewing overhead (hence the dominance of ambient light). It was also very high up (~11k ft). My California-accustomed lungs were working overtime that afternoon.

Looking east across the land of my people.

Looking east across the land of my people.